Marco Montagnani

Software engineering
Full-stack developer

Ion Costin

Full-stack developer
UI designer

Endri Lagreta

Full-stack developer
UI designer

About us

What is Kamaleoon? is the first auction website that offers the opportunity to sell and buy auctions using an auction management system easy, comfortable and intuitive.

For who has been thought?

Kamaleoon has been developed for sellers interested to sell new or used products and buyers that want to offer the price they think is right. Our website has been thought to satisfy the needs of both.

Why sell with Kamaleoon?

You can decide the start price and in a short time your auction will receive a lot of bids. Insert a new auction is very fast and you can check the state of your auction in any moment!

Why buy on Kamaleoon?

Find the right auction is really simple with our tag search system. You can choose from thousands of auctions the ones that interest you and like them to receive notifications about it, make bids and win auctions. If you have any question or you want to know more about the auction you can ask a question or send a direct message to the seller.