Save money with automatic bids

Automatic bidding is a useful tool that will save you time and above all money. Select the maximum price you are willing to pay for an auction of your interest and in the case of competing offers Kamaleoon will raise for you up to the chosen price. The automatic raise will be equal to the price of the last bid received plus the minimum raise decided by Kamaleoon and this amount can never exceed the limit imposed by you. The maximum price decided will not be shown to anyone, not even to other Premium users, in this way you can win the auctions at a more advantageous price.

Take part in Premium auctions

Auctions reserved for Premium users are particularly advantageous because they will have a very attractive starting price and only Premium users will be able to participate. Winning items at a very low price has never been easier!

More images for your auction

Images are essential to increase the interest of your auctions. With the Premium option you can remove the limit of 4 images and upload up to 7, in this way your auctions will be more appreciated and popular.

Give visibility to your auctions

Showcase auctions receive many more offers thanks to greater visibility, also through search engines. With the Premium option you can add a new featured auction every week, increasing interest and selling your items at a higher price.

Upgrade your account to premium

Upgrade to a premium account and start saving money on auctions now!

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Automatic bids

Premium auctions

7 photos for each of your auctions

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