This page contains terms and conditions applicable to your use of the auction services we host. At the registration phase you must read and accept all of the terms and conditions, by using the services that our website offer you agree to the following terms and conditions.

The service we offer:

Kamaleoon.it offer to registred users a service of auctions, that allow to insert new auctions and make bids. Auctions are inserted by users and checked by our moderators. If an auction is appropriate it will be published.

The auction will start after a number of days that the user decided, before this the users can't make bids but they can view the auction and like it if are interested. When the auction begins it will remain waiting for the first offer. Every time someone offers the timer returns to 24 hours, after this time the user who offers the most wins the auction.

The service recipients:

Our service is extended only to users who have at least 18 years or to users older than 16 years with the autorization and supervision of parents.

Users responsability:

The user is accounted about all his actions on the auction that he sells and comments/messages written. Users who abuse the service will be suspended. Kamaleoon.it has no responsability of the content published and agreements between sellers and buyers, the user is obliged to protect himself from any incorrect use of website.

Payment method and shipping:

The payment method and shipping are decided between the seller and the winner of the auction. Kamaleoon.it has no responsibility for these agreements and therefore the user has the obligation to protect himself.

Abuse of the service:

Auctions and comments are checked by our moderators, but we invite users to report eventually the abuse of the service, scammers and auctions with incorrect informations or inapropriate images.